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Walter Spreull - was the 13th Century Laird of Dalquhum and Dalmuir and Seneschel of the Earl of Lennox. From him descend today's Sprouls, Sproules, Sprowls, Sprulls and others. Join us in studying and celebrating an amazing Scottish family.


The Sproul Project aims to bring together members of the Sproul, Sproule, Sprowl, Spreull and similarly named families to explore the historical, genealogical and genetic story of the descendants of Walter Spreull.  The administrators, Joe Sprowl and Glen Sproul dit MacDonald hope this will be an important nexus for information sharing  and camaraderie.

Family History

The story of Walter Spreull and his descendants is long and fascinating. From the triumphs of Robert the Bruce to the bitter defeat at Flodden, Sprouls were in the heart of Scottish history - often with the Earl's of Lennox and their scions the MacFarlane Clan. As part of the great Scots diaspora they emigrated to Ireland, all corners of the British Empire and the United States.  Learn and contribute to that history here

DNA Research

DNA research has revolutionized the study of human prehistory and history and is both confirming and overturning conventional genealogy. As it turns out Walter Spreull appears to have left his male descendants with a unique and readily distinguishable Y Chromosome.  This combined with the relatively small size of the family allows for exciting genetic research of human genetics and genealogy.  

Get Involved

We invite you to become involved in the project by signing up here, sharing your knowledge and questions and participating in the DNA studies if you like.  You can learn more about your own history, genealogy and genetics - and  share an amazing journey with like minded cousins from around the globe.  The Blog, Forum, DNA Site and Member Area provide great resources.


Spreull descendants officially recognized as sept of Clan Lennox

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