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Jan 24

BIGY500 Block Tree


If you are a BigY500 tester you will want to take a look at the new Block Tree just released today to your profile page. The Block Tree is based off of the 'Big Tree' created and managed by Alex Williamson of the U106 Forum. It is a great, interactive tool to help you understand your relationship with your BigY500 matches. Follow this link to take you to the How-To manual. It is a great addition to the BigY500 tools made available to us by FTDNA!

New Posts
  • There is an important new study out on human population genetics variation. The focus is Scotland and the Isles, but the data and analysis span all of Britain and Ireland. Read about the study, get the link to it, and see a key map at this recent blog - https://www.sprouls.org/post/massive-new-genetics-study-for-britain-and-ireland
  • Are you looking to get the most out of Ancestry's new ThruLines tool? Here is a great breakdown by Roberta Estes on how to do just that! https://dna-explained.com/2019/03/11/ancestrys-thrulines-dissected-how-to-use-and-not-get-bit-by-the-gators/
  • FamilyTreeDNA has released an upgraded product from the BigY-500 to what is now BigY-700. This product does two important things; it is now capable of discovering new SNPs in regions of the Y Chromosome previously unreachable, and secondly, it provides at least two hundred more STR markers for refined mutation matching. To learn more about it please follow this link to Roberta Estes blog.