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Mar 9

Sproul to Spreull


California Sproul via Oklahoma, beyond that somewhere up from the Ohio valley area... I look forward to seeing the family connections that are made!

Welcome Zach - If you have your DNA on FTDNA.com or Ancestry.com it may be possible to help match you to cousins from the larger Sproul (Spreull) family. All males in the family seem to have a distinctive Y chromosome and this is what we are studying at the FTDNA project site. If you have tested and are part of the Sproul FTDNA DNA project I will probably 'see you' in a minute as I am working on some autosomal DNA analysis of participants right now. If you have not tested I am happy to tell you more about that.


Folks might be able to point your towards traditional genealogical resources also if you have specific questions. If your family has a connection to Ireland we have the world's top expert on that as part of the team.


Feel free to post queries and we will see what we can do!

I just ordered mine! So once I get it, I will be suppling the results! I’m excited.

Mar 10

Hi Zach,


Welcome to Sproul DNA Project! I am one of the three administrators of the project and I generally help organize the DNA results for the project. Did you order FTDNA or Ancestry? If FTDNA please join the SPROUL project so we can monitor the progress and results of your test.


Thanks again for joining us!

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  • Hi Everyone My branch of the family cone from the town of Paisley in Renfrewshire. The town has a long history of weaving - I’m sure you have all heard of Paisley pattern , the height of fashion in Victorian times and still popular today. Also Coats threads that we all grew up with. My family has been traced back to William Sproul c1730 who married Ann Spier. Their son William 1780 married Margaret Hamilton and they had a son Janes in 1801. James married Janet Chapman and amongst their family was my GGG Grandmother, Margaret Sproul 1829. Margaret married John McLean and had a daughter, Janet. Janet married John Andrew and had my Grandmother, Margaret Sproul Andrew b1876. The Sproul males were all involved in weaving. My Grandparents lived in Pollokshaws on Glasgow’s southside and I live in East Renfrewshire - about 7 miles east of Paisley- so we have not traveled far! I would be really interested if anyone else shares some of these ancestors and I already know that our Australian cousins do! Best wishes to Sprouts worldwide! Marbe
  • Hi extended Cousins :) I'm Australian, as you probably gathered, and descended from my GGGGrandfather Adam who came to Tasmania (admittedly in chains) in 1842 after previously living briefly in Sydney NSW. Adam was from the Paisley region in Scotland. Happy to chat with anyone with an interest. We've done extensive work on our lineage over here and if we can help anyone out we will.
  • Hi Everyone, I am John Sproule from Greenan Dromore Co.Tyrone, my family are the last of the ‘Greenan Sproules’ My 90yr old Aunty May is still alive and knows alot about the eight different families that once lived on ‘Greenan Mountain’ We are also known as ‘Sproules of The Brae’ or ‘Sproules from Upper Greenan’ , I intend to put on photos of Greenan Mountain showing The Brae and where ‘Sproules of The Hollow’ originated. There is also a Potato Famine Grave at the bottom of Greenan Mountain. Sproule families left Greenan and went to America, Canada and Australia. Onwards and Upwards ( a good Sproule saying )