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Ancestry.com Canada Day Sale 2019!

Ancestry.com is having a Canada Day sale. They are selling their autosomal DNA test for $89 (Can). Although FTDNA is the go to place for Y-testing - I have had great luck finding cousins and doing genealogical research using Ancestry.com. I have far more Sproul related cousins there than any other site.

As we move forward with the Sproul project - autosomal testing will be come more important and the need to have as many cousins as possible text for Y DNA and autosomal DNA will become critical to refining the family history.

You can take advantage of the sale here - https://www.ancestry.ca/order/express/O-25351?rtype=85&j=26876&sfmc_sub=19475425&l=27_HTML&u=5607709&mid=10958478&jb=633&o_xid=99999&o_lid=99999&o_sch=Email+Campaigns#/expresscart/

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