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Official Documents Regarding Status of Spreull Descendants as Septs of Clan Lennox and MacFarlane

For many years those holding the name Spreull, Sprewll, Sproul, Sprouls, Sprowl and all the many other forms have had little in the way of official Scottish clan affiliation, and at best informally been considered a sept of Clan MacFarlane. In this regard, Clan MacFarlane is an armigerous clan (has no recignized chief), but Clan MacFarlane Worldwide has been gracious in including us in their ranks and events. The reason for our affiliation with Clan MacFarlane is that it is a cadet of Clan Lennox and Walter Spreull was the 12th and 14th century seneschal (high steward) to the Earl of Lennox. The Spreull lands were granted to the family by the Earls of Lennox. MacFarlane is now days a far bigger Clan than Lennox and is very active.

To remedy our unofficial status in regards to clan affiliation, we sought official recognition as Septs of Lennox (our ancient and feudal ties) and MacFarlane to codify our longstanding unofficial relationship and in recognition of our ancient ties to Clan MacFarlane through Lennox, we sought official recognition as a sept from both clans. I am please to say this was graciously acknowledged by the Chief and Council of Clan Lennox and the leadership of Clan MacFarlane Worldwide.

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