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Welcome to the Sproul Project Website!

It is a pleasure to write the first blog at the launch of the Sproul Project website. I am the administrator of the Sproul Project website and a co-administrator of the Sproul DNA Project at FTDNA. The idea of having such a website was conceived by Joe Sprowl, the administrator of the Sproul DNA Project. I have worked with Joe on development and bringing the site to fruition. We are volunteers and this is a work in progress. We thank you for your patience as we develop it.

The site is conceived to be a nexus where members of the Sproul, Sproule, Sprowl, Spreull and related families can share their interest, information and data on family history, genealogy, genetics, and search for living relatives. Importantly, we would like the site to help bring members of the wider Sproul family together to get to know each other. This is a site for you!

The website will provide resources and information on family history, genealogy, genetics, and events and news of interest to members. We will work to increase such content as the site develops. We will also use this blog to provide information on the Project. We hope to get guest writers to provide important insights here from time to time. Importantly, we provide members access to an online Forum to ask questions, provide help and get to know each other. However, the most important source of growth is you! By becoming a member of the site and contributing your questions, information and expertise to the Forum you will both benefit and provide benefit to others. It is a win-win. By posting on the Forum - be it questions or answers to the queries of other members you will rapidly grow the information content and value of the site. Join us here -

We also encourage you to join the FTDNA SProul DNA Project - The DNA project can at times provide for a deeper understanding of family history and relationships than traditional genealogy can. In my case the FTDNA Sproul DNA Project was critical to the discovery of my biological paternal roots and family in Canada and the US. For this I am indebted to those who joined the DNA Project in the past and provided the genetic reference crucial for my own search. We will provide further information on the DNA Project in subsequent blog posts.

Again, welcome to the Sproul Project website. We look forward to sharing an amazing journey of discovery with you!

Glen Sproul dit MacDonald

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