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The Name, Family History and Heraldry

Spreull, Spruell, Sproul, Sprouls, Sproule, Sproules, Sprouel, Sprol, Sprul, Spruls, Sprouell, Sproulle, Sprowl, Sprowls, Sprowel, Sprowels, Sproll, Sproal etc. are all phonetically similar surnames that appear to have a common ancestral origin in Scotland. One way of testing the hypothesis that of all these variations trace back to a common ancestor is to examine the male Y chromosome of bearers of these diverse spellings and see if they do indeed share a common male ancestry.  That is an important objective of the Sproul DNA Project - and a good reason for all male bearers of the name to join in! At this time the ancestral variations of the Sproul names represented in the Project, and appearing to have a common male ancestor include Sprowl, Sproul, Sprowles, Spuell, Spruiell, Spruell, Sproule, Sproull, Sproles.  If your name is one of the many variations on the name Sproul - there is a good chance you share in this common ancestry.  In other words, we are largely members of the same extended family. In addition, some bearers of other surnames have also discovered through DNA testing that they are members of this extended Sproul family. This may be due to very recent family events or arisefrom distant events lost in the shadows of time. Regardless, we consider ourselves all one family and the more members who join the more we can discover about this all.


Below we provide some more information on the Sproul name and may of its variations, and overview of family history and some insights into the heraldry of the family. We also look at affiliations with the MacFarlane, Stewart and Lennox Clans. These sections will grow over time with your help.

The Name in History and Today
The Family History in Short
Scottish Clan Affiliations (MacFarlane, Lennox, Stewart - 'Sept')

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