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DNA Projects -  

The Sproul DNA Project is a primary focus.  Male members of the various Sproul families (Sprowl, Spreull etc) have an unique and distinctive Y chromosome which is allowing for interesting possibilities in genetic genealogy. Many Sprouls are also involved in the Lennox, MacFarlane, Leckie - Cadet Clans DNA Project and the R U106 (R1b-U106) DNA Project.  Through the medieval affiliation of Laird Walter Spreull and descendants with the Earl's of Lennox, who were the founding family of the MacFarlane Clan, Sprouls have been linked as a 'sept' of the MacFarlane Clan.  Genetics research shows that Sprouls form a distinct grouping within the larger Clan.  R1b-U106 is a genetic sub-clade that encompasses the Sprouls and a number of other Scots Lowlands, English and broadly Germanic families. All of these projects are hosted by Family Tree DNA (  We encourage you to become involved in this exiting research and join the genetic database!

Lennox, MacFarlane, Leckie - Cadet Clans of Lennox DNA Project

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