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Search Update to Ethnicity Estimates - More Scotland

Many of us use for autosomal DNA (finding cousins, ethnicity estimates etc) and for its genealogical resources. Recently they have updated their ethnicity estimates and have a more refined take on the Britain and Ireland.

These estimates are based on reference populations of testers from different regions. As the number of testers increases and as the science advances, the estimates become more refined. They originally had been making rough division between Ireland/Celtic/Gaelic group and an Anglo-Saxon/Britain/England group. Now they have four: England & Northwestern Europe, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

There seems to be a general increase in the Scottish DNA in their ethnicity reports, my guess is because it is picking up the Lowlands and the Saxon, Norman, Flemish components there. As Sprouls we fall into that category rather than the Celtic and Norse populations of the Highlands and Islands. I did find the new estimates increased my Scottish component. If you are an tester have a look and see how your ethnicity estimates now break out. Share on the Forum if you wish.

Here is the url to read all about this from

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