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FTDNA is having a sale for November 2020. Details available for the sale at the link below. If you have not done a Y DNA test to join the Sproul DNA project - here is a good chance. If you have not done the Family Finder test (autosomal DNA) please consider that. It is very helpful to trace more recent relationships.

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Unknown member
Dec 07, 2020

I live in Des Moines, Iowa. My tree is me--Mitchell Sprole1902-1959--John Nelson Sprole 1867-1967--William Sprole 1830-1911--Robert Sproule abt. 1790--1872. Robert and his three sons William, Hugh and Andrew came to Ohio and (West) Virginia about 1824 and later. Family history says they came from (Northern) Ireland but had moved there only one generation before from Scotland. I have contacted many people connected with this branch and done a lot of online research, but no one I have found can make that connection to Ireland or further to Scotland. I hope I can use this site to make connections. Whom should I contact?

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