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FTDNA Sale On Now!

This Week FTDNA announced this year's summer sale - now until August 31.

This is a great time to get your kit upgraded for Y DNA testing.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are in the FGC60974 branch that you upgrade as closely to Y-111 as you can as we are starting to get testers that have lineages into Scotland. It is very important if you are seeking to match up with these testers you must upgrade.

FGC60992 testers,

If you have not upgraded you Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 now is the time. The backlog from the previous sale is about cleared up and we should see much quicker results than what the rest of the project testers experienced.

If it is in your budget please consider Big Y-700. This test has improved the number of generations expected between mutations which allows us to determine a much more precise age analysis which we are attempting to work out with the lineages many of you submitted.

Thank you so much for your continued participation and support in the project.

Finally - if you have not taken the Family Finder autosomal DNA test - please do consider this. It is really quite inexpensive and helps with recent lineages. It works well matching both males and females and can address recent genetics-genealogical questions and relationships.

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